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Welcome to the Carter Lab Website


The Carter lab, headed by Prof. Dee Carter, has a primary focus on fungal pathogens and developing new ways to treat infections, particularly using natural products and drug synergy.

We are also interested in Food Safety, and Dee was the recent director of the ARC Training Centre for Fresh Food Safety.

We are located in the new LEES Building on the Camperdown campus of the University of Sydney

For more information on what we do and who we are please visit the links above.

Latest News!


Congratulations to Joanna Rothwell whose first paper on how plasma-activated water kills pathogens was recently published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology.

Kenya Fernandes has published another paper in the high-profile journal mBio, where she investigates the link between the capacity to be pleomorphic and virulence in Cryptococcus.

Aidan Kane has published a fantastic review of the work using different agents to enhance the effect of azole antifungals.

We have developed a new website for our  $AU1.9 million New South Wales Bushfire Recovery grant. You can visit the website here and find out more about our project within this grant on the Research Opportunities page.

Chromera velia, discovered and characterised by Bob Moore in the Carter lab and published Nature in 2008, was named 2020 Alga of the Year by the German Society for Plant Sciences - see

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